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75,98 EUR*
Details Data-Quality-for-the-Information-Age-Artech-House-Computer-Science-Library

Data Quality for the Information Age Provides information necessary to set up a data quality program, and to make and maintain improvements to data quality. The text covers all aspects of data management to provide analysis of quality problems and ...

60,40 EUR*
Details SAP-Business-Intelligence-Data-Modeling

SAP Business Intelligence SAP is one of the most valuable tools used to develop data ware house and assist with the corporate decision making process. With this book we will show you the steps needed to created flat files to be imported into the BW ...

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Details Daniels-Christmas-Night-Stalkers-The-Night-Stalkers-White-House-Band-1

NAME: Dr. Alice Thompson JOB: Senior CIA Analyst MISSION: To create the path from data to detente NAME: Daniel Drake Darlington III JOB: White House Chief of Staff MISSION: To make the world a safer place TWO BRILLIANT MINDS. AN ADVENT CALENDAR. ONE ...

75,19 EUR*
Details Metadata-Management-for-Information-Control-and-Business-Success-Artech-House-Computing-Library

Metadata Management for Information Control and Business Success By describing how to establish metadata management within an organization, this volume provides examples of data structure architectures, and reviews issues associated with metadata ...

117,98 EUR*
Details OFDM-Towards-Fixed-and-Mobile-Broadband-Wireless-Access-Artech-House-Universal-Personal-Communications

Broadband Wireless Access and OFDM Transceiver Design OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a key technology that allows for robust, high-capacity, high-speed data transmission. Presenting the state-of-the-art in broadband wireless ...